1) Rechargeable Collar's
Pittsburgh Pet Fence features containment systems that use Rechargeable collars (that only need to be recharged every 2 months). This extremely popular feature can save you up to $1,049 in battery costs over the average lifetime of each dog in your household. This enables Pittsburgh Pet Fence to offer the “Lowest Cost of Ownership” of any professionally installed containment system in the Pittsburgh Area. (Our competition charges up to $69.95 per dog / per year for their Battery Plan. Over a 15 year average lifespan of a dog, this ends up costing about $1.049). Let's face it, the only reason that franchises still use batteries for their collars is because it is a huge profit center for their business. Plain and simple, with access to today's current technologies, there is absolutely no longer any need to be forced to buy batteries for these types of systems. Batteries for dog collars are a thing of the past...unless you enjoy throwing your money away every couple months!  Think about the last time you had to "buy" a battery for your cell phone...the answer is the you don't....you recharge it, right?  If a modern smart phone with all of it's computing power can be recharged, why wouldn't it be the same for a simple radio collar? Our collars only need to be charged 6 times per year at most.

2) Waterproof Collar's
Pittsburgh Pet Fence offers truly "Waterproof Collars". Since our competitor’s collars use expensive batteries, that means these collars have a battery opening that uses a rubber seal on the lid that they tighten when they close the battery compartment. This makes our competitors collars “Water Resistant” and not “Water Proof” like the collars offered by Pittsburgh Pet Fence. There is no way for water, dust, hair, etc to enter into our collars because they are completely sealed units which means they are more durable and shock proof.

3) Battery Backup for Transmitter
Pittsburgh Pet Fence features dog fence systems that come with a built-in battery backup in case of a power outage. There is no need to worry about your dog leaving your property during a power outage in your neighborhood. Our dog fence systems can run for approximately 40 hours on standard batteries. Our system constantly monitors these backup batteries for freshness and will alert the owner if the batteries ever need to be replaced.  Our competitors charge up to $129.95 for a battery backup but we include them with our installations.

4) Run-Through Prevention
Our systems include a Unique and Patented "Run-Through Prevention" feature that automatically increases the stimulation level when your dog continues more than 1/3 of the way through their pet fencing field. This means that your dog cannot escape the pet fencing field without activating a stronger stimulation. This Unique and Patented feature has proven to really convince dogs that it is not worth their time to try and leave the boundary. This feature really keeps your dog’s safe and contained in your yard.  We have recently experienced a few situations of some dogs that have consistently run through our competitors systems but when the customer swapped out those systems for ours, their dogs are now safely contained because of this "Run-Through Prevention feature. 

5) Best Professional Installation in Pittsburgh!
This sounds like a bold statement but it is true. We know because we get called to fix and repair a lot of our competitors systems and we experience first-hand the type of installation they do. At the same time, we rarely get called to fix systems that we have installed because we take the time and effort to "harden" each and every install to help prevent common reasons for wire breaks and cuts.  Pittsburgh Pet Fence takes each installation very seriously and only performs the Highest Quality Professional Installation. We treat each customer’s property as if it were our own. We run the wire through hard plastic conduit through all “transition” areas (where the lawn meets up with mulched areas) to prevent future problems with wire breaks from landscapers edging, etc. We also install 1/2" hard plastic conduit and an Outside Access Box upon entry into each house which allows us to service the system without the owner needing to be home. Pittsburgh Pet Fence also goes the extra mile and cinches the ground after burying the wire in the yard so that the owner can barely tell there was any activity on the property. This really makes a difference in the overall appearance of the lawn when comparing our installation versus those of some of our competitors. We live by the Motto: "Measure Twice and Cut Once". We take our time to do the job right the first time. 

6) Premium Lightning Surge Protection
Pittsburgh Pet Fence installs an industry leading Lightning Surge Protector with every installation. Our Lightning Surge Protection is specifically designed to protect electronic pet containment system transmitters against damage from lightning strikes. The unit contains two protectors -- one to stop lightning currents from coming in from the loop wire and the other to stop lightning current from coming into the AC power connection. Our Lightning Surge Protector is superior to the outdated and less effective external lightning protection still used by some other Pet Fencing companies.

7) User Adjustable System
Unlike some of our competitors, if you need to make an adjustment to the collars stimulation level, you do not have to make an appointment to have your system adjusted and wait 2 weeks for a technician to arrive. Nor do you require some magnetic stick gimmick (that you can easily loose or misplace) to make an adjustment. Our systems are very user friendly and self-adjustable and with the simple flip of a switch. Our users can adjust the system themselves which saves you time, money and is much more convenient.

8) Best Wire in the Industry
Pittsburgh Pet Fence uses the best Pet Fencing Wire available in the industry. We believe that the wire is one of the most important components of the installation. We ONLY use Heavy Gauge High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) Pet Fencing Wire. Our wire is triple insulated, direct burial capable, and is abrasion resistant which makes our wire last a very, very long time.  Our wire is custom made to meet our specifications and even has our company name and phone number labeled on every few inches of wire. 

9) Buy Pittsburgh First  
Pittsburgh Pet Fence is a locally owned small business and is not associated with any national franchise. We take pride in the Pittsburgh area and know that our company name is on the line. We treat each of our customers with lots of Tender Loving Care. Because of this, we are the area’s Fastest growing Independent Dog Fence Containment Company. 

10) Low Cost Guarantee
Pittsburgh Pet Fence will beat all competitors pricing (based on a written quote of an equivalent system with similar functionality including installation and warranty). All of our competitors are franchises and franchises have big expenses like franchise fees, advertising fees, marketing material, etc. These franchises have to pass these expenses onto you, the consumer. So in addition to offering rechargeable collars (with no future battery costs), this makes Pittsburgh Pet Fence the overall Low Cost Provider of Installed Pet Fence Systems in this area. We also don't tease you with an entry level price and then try and up-sell you with a bunch of add-on's. We give you a straight and fair price up front. Our Full Service package includes everything needed to provide you and your dog with the safest and most secure computerized pet containment system available.

Quality Products, Premium Professional Installations, Excellent Warranty and an Affordable price…..what else could a Pet Owner ask for!!!!

Top 10 Reasons to have Pittsburgh Pet Fence install your Electrical Dog Fence in Pittsburgh
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