A large percentage of our new business comes from referrals.

"My wife, Julie, and I live in Bethel Park along a very heavily traveled road. Our chocolate lab, Jax, was hit by a speeding car when he was just two months old. Fortunately, he survived - with very minimal injuries. But, the incident served as a wake-up call. We needed to provide our puppy with protection from the speeding motorists. Being a young family - we just could not afford to spend $7,000 on a tangible fence for our yard. Even if we could - it would deteriorate over time. But, that's where Pittsburgh Pet Fence came in and saved the day. We were very skeptical about "invisible" fences and whatnot. But, Ed (the company owner) took the time to answer all of our questions and build a rapport with us. Also, he provided us with a very affordable solution to our problem. Installation for about half an acre took only a few hours and was very clean. He even buried the wire under the driveway and left it looking great. Also, with his patience, we had Jax trained in no time. And Jax is no ordinary dog ? he is as strong as an ox and playful as can be. But, Jax quickly learned the system and was able to differentiate where he could and could not roam on the property. My wife and I have had to deal with many different companies and business owners since we purchased our first home. Without a doubt - Ed was the best worker and/or business owner that we've dealt with -  bar none.
- Dan Spinda (Bethel Park, PA)

"Ed (the owner) had installed several systems on our street and came highly recommended. The process from start to finish was flawless and exceeded my expectations. Upon our first call to receive an estimate, Ed was prompt, thorough, direct and fair. We reviewed the estimate, had a few questions that Ed answered clearly, and then scheduled installation (which was scheduled the next week). Ed went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. Our situation was a bit unique as our neighbor had an existing system that needed moved on one side to fit our new system in properly and not interfere. Ed, moved it and even fixed their system (which happened to be broken) in the process. He ran into a lot more work than he expected but didn't complain, he just pushed forward and did the job right for both me and my neighbor at no additional cost than the original estimate. He was here the entire day and did the job right with NO shortcuts. Seriously, if your looking for a Pet Fence, don't bother calling anyone else - PERIOD. Call Ed and you won't be disappointed! And to be clear, I didn't get anything for writing this review. This guy is simply GREAT!"
- Tim Murdoch (Mt Lebanon, PA)

"Ed was a blessing. I had originally purchased a dog fence 8 years ago from another company. I was having problems with their fence. I called the original company for some help with this problem. All I got was a run around. My two new neighbors had used Pittsburgh Pet Fence, so I called them. He was at my home the very next day. I have 2 dogs. One is an Elkhound and the other is a smaller dog. They were going thru the original fence. Ed diagnosed the situation explained the problem in detail. The original collars I had were not working properly; neither was the transmitter downstairs. The new Pittsburgh Pet Fence's collars work like wonders. They do not require batteries either, like my older system required. This unit re-chargers them. He also called the next day to see if everything was working the way it should. I feel this is how a business should be run. I spent over a thousand dollars on the original fence and countless years on a battery plan and all I got from them was "I will charge you another thousand to fix it." Ed took care of the problem for far less. I now have collars that are water tight and no battery plan, plus no dogs running thru. Like I said, what a blessing!"
- Mickey Murton (Allison Park, PA)

"I didn’t have a pet fence installed; my daughter and son-in-law had me sit at their house while they were at work and had one installed. That’s what happens when you are retired; your kids’ think that you need to be kept busy. With a background in engineering and construction I get all these type of “Hey dad can you be at our house today while "xyz" happens” type of requests.....
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- Martin N. (Coraopolis, PA)

“Pittsburgh Pet Fence was a blessing for our 2-year-old Morkie named Remington. We live on a very busy street and on the days that our dog Remmie got off leash it was scary given his eagerness to play and run around. We looked at solutions but had our doubts that an electric fence could contain him or would be reliable. What’s amazing is that since our Pittsburgh Pet Fence was installed, Remmie has become an entirely different dog. He is still his lovable, energetic self, but is now calmer, more obedient and under control. All it took was 15 minutes with Ed and a few days of coaching for Remmie to learn his boundaries. He simply loves his fence, and when we put his collar on, he gets so excited because he knows he can play freely in the yard with no strings attached. Also Pittsburgh Pet Fence’s service and installation was top notch. I come from a dog family where dog grooming is the family business that I grew up with, and I can truly tell that Ed has a gift of dealing with animals. He genuinely cares about them and you can trust him with your beloved pet. You can also expect professionalism as they did a remarkable job installing the fence, with great attention to detail especially considering the obstacles our current housing renovation presented. Finally, superior service is a guarantee. You’ll be able to see this firsthand with how Ed deals with his clients. And when we had a minor issue with Remmie’s collar, not only did Ed take my call, but he sent me a replacement collar the next day. I highly recommend Ed and Pittsburgh Pet Fence! And Remmie does too!” 
– Steve Stiller (Ben Avon Heights, PA)

"Just a quick note to let you know what a pleasure it has been to do business with a "Class Act Company" and professional people at every level. After spending 40 years in the retail and wholesale trade working with contractors of every ilk and size, I was very pleased to come across/find a business that does it right at every turn, cares about the work they do and the customers they serve. I cannot tell you how many times I have called a contractor wanting to do some business and did not even get a return call and if and when they did call back it was days later. Not the case with you folks at Pittsburgh Pet Fence. The owner answers the phone, gives you a competitive quote (same day in my case) without delay, explains the whole process in detail even an old guy can understand, shows up on time to do the job, an install crew who are articulate, polite, patient that do journeyman/master work and I felt good about letting them in my home for the inside work that needed done. Then there is Ed who 
comes to explain the whole Invisible Pet Fence process again, trains the owners and then trains the  pets. I have two dogs. A rescue 9 year old female Marley and a 14 week old mostly Golden female named Ripley. Dogs took to Ed right away and I liked his method, patience & manner. I liked Ed. I lost a dog to a garbage truck once and decided I wanted a fence to protect these dogs and keep them close to the house when I let them out. I made the right decision in choosing Ed and Pittsburgh Pet Fence. I am going to the trouble of writing this to let folks know it is appreciated when the job is done right! Thank you again"
- Mike Warnelis (Upper St. Clair, PA)

"Best money we ever spent on our pet! Back in April, we moved into a new home and my dog took this as the neighborhood was his to take over. He had no sense of boundaries and daily I found my self chasing him down the road and thru the neighbors yards. The previous owners of the home had a pet fence installed but we did not have a collar. After speaking to the supplier they previously had on the phone they gave me a price of how much it would be for the collar and training classes. OMG! The system and wires were already installed!!! Not to mention, you had to replace batteries every year, $66 a year! I did some investigating and this is when I found Pittsburgh Pet Fence. I called and spoke with Ed (As I was chasing my dog 6 houses down the road), frustrated!!! Ed told me he could come out the next day. I wanted to call back the other place to compare with Ed's. Basically they could not meet let alone beat his price and services. What blew my mind is when I told this other company that Pittsburgh Pet Fence had rechargeable collars and I would not have to fork out $66 a year extra he laughed at me! Of course I had to ask why he chuckled... He told me there was no way they could make rechargeable collars. What??? I asked. He said it was not possible. OMG! I asked if he had a cell phone? Or a rechargeable flashlight? How about rechargeable power tools? Simply enough... I am now the one that is laughing! And the neighbor across the street -who has this well known company... Well lets just say the entire neighborhood hates when his dogs collar needs new batteries! Also, Ed only 
had to come to my house ONCE, to set up, show us the system and show us how to train our little guy. The other company wanted to come out three times (of course for a service fee of $350). We got our equipment back in April, it works and it recharges! We were a bit nervous because he is a very small dog, but once he got that jolt he quickly learned and is so incredibly happy with his new found freedom and we are so happy to have a sense of security! I highly recommend this to any and EVERY pet owner that does not have a fence. Our friends also have a Chihuahua that was out of control and wanted to roam the neighborhood, she was hesitant because he was so little but once they seen how our dog was so obedient to the boundaries, she purchased one and also swears it was the best thing she could ever do for her dog! You may think its a bit expensive but give the "well known" pet fence a call... you will see how reasonable Ed is, and how cheap it is compared to a vet bill or how heartbreaking it is when you lose a pet due to not protecting them with a simple solution."
- Lisa-Noelani & Rob (North Huntingdon, PA)

"Ed did a great (and quick) job installing the fence. Our property is a challenging one (hills, an odd-shaped driveway, exposed roots, etc.) but Ed's team did incredible work for us. I cannot recommend Ed enough. He is passionate about his job and it is always an added benefit to support a local small business. As for the system, Ed's system could not have worked better/quicker with our 1 year old dog. He learned the system in three days and we have complete confidence with him free in the yard, even with deer everywhere and neighbor dogs in reach. Go with Ed if you are faced with options for a pet fence. He is awesome to work with."
- M. Murray (O'Hara Twp, PA)

"I wanted to take a few moments to say “Thank You!” to you and your installer on a JOB WELL DONE! We no longer worry about our puppy being a runner and fear the worst. Three days after the install Huey had a perfect understanding of the boundaries. He is able to enjoy play time in the yard with our older dog and WE are able to enjoy time with them as well! You and your installer’s professionalism, attention to details, and dedication to training are what makes Pittsburgh Pet Fence the success it is. We wish you many more years in business here in Pittsburgh!"
- Ed and Pat Hale (Greensburg, PA)

"Hi Ed - Had to reach out to tell you that this system is Awesome! We were able to let Ava out on her own after about a week. She is very aware if her boundary and even when tempted by a squirrel, she will yield to the flag. What a relief that she is safe! SO happy we did this !! You and your helper were great to work with! Please feel free to use us as a reference."
- Katie and Paul Martinchich (Squirrel Hill, PA)

"Even though it has been over a year since our initial purchase, Ed still provides outstanding customer service. It is wonderful to work with a company like Pittsburgh Pet Fence that continues product support and training long after the sale!"
- Lisa B. (Seven Fields, PA)

"Good morning Ed, only 18 days later & the whisper string is off! I was able to feed the birds with Cammy running by my side for the 1st time since moving here. I actually saw her leap in the air with joy! God Bless you & your assistant for walking me thru this. Pgh Pet Fence is the best!! Thanks, Kitty"
- Kitty Galley (Gibsonia, PA)

"Hello Ed, Thank you so much for the great service you provided installing our Pet Fence and getting our dog started with his training. You made the process so easy from generating a quote (which was extremely reasonable), to scheduling and installing. Working with you was by far a better experience 
than I had with a different system, in another state. You were very patient with our dog and provided  me with good tips and instructions. Ozzy was already learning his boundaries by the time you left and it was a pleasant and easy experience. Thank you so much!"
- Pam Dobrowolski (Freeport, PA)

"Just wanted to let you know the underground fencing is the best investment I've made for my dogs. I didn't have to wait weeks to have it installed, it was within 3 days. Ed and his helper arrived on time and within a few hours the fence was in. Ed himself introduced the dogs to the fencing. A few days and the dogs got the idea, easy-peasy. Since the initial installing my dogs have been shocked maybe two to three times. That's better than getting hit on the road, and I don't have a fence that has to be maintained, by painting or wood repairs. The only negative thing is it don't keep other animals out, but being a country person I would miss my deer and turkey's. Thank you so much Ed, it's been a pleasure."
- Scherie Hopwood (Georgetown, PA)

"I purchased the electric fence from Ed at Pittsburgh Pet Fence and it is the BEST investment I have EVER made!!! I just absolutely LOVE it. I have a 3 year old boxer/pitt mix and he just loves running through our yard. I followed Ed's instructions on training my dog Cash on the electric fence and it works great! I never have to worry about him leaving the yard no matter what!! We get groundhogs, deer, rabbits, and squirrels in our yard every day and Cash will only chase them as far as his boundary will allow him to go. It doesn't even matter if someone is walking their dog down the road, he just sits and watches them walk past!! I can do all my yard work and not have to worry about him running away, it is just wonderful!! I would tell everyone who has a dog to invest in the Pittsburgh Pet Fence, it has made my life a lot easier, and I feel safer knowing that Cash will not leave our yard!!!"
- Kelly Lonzo (Trafford, PA)

"Hi Ed, Thanks so much for the Gift card from Home Depot. I do not remember talking to Laura B. but I do keep my sign in my yard as a courtesy to you. I would never have any problem recommending your company, because not only did you do a great job installing the system (at a reasonable price), but more importantly, you have been so reliable in returning my phones calls when I had a question/ problem that you readily answered/fixed."
- Leslie Cain Rymer (Mt. Lebanon, PA)

"Ed came out to the house within a couple of days to do my estimate. He was thorough and pointed out decisions that I needed to make about how the wiring would work. He was very helpful. He spent some really good time with my dog, who is a golden/collie rescue dog and very timid. Ed was like the Dog Whisperer. She warmed up to him immediately and she doesn't do that with anybody. It was a good sign. The implementation went very well. I live on a corner lot in Mt. Lebanon and have the tricky layouts of close neighbors, mature landscape, lots of trees and it was a pretty difficult layout based on what Ed said. They did a great job and any place where the wiring needed to have extra attention (across concrete, up brick walls, behind benches etc.) were handled very professionally and done with precision. I was very pleased. I think there is an advantage that the owner estimates, gets to know your dog, does the implementation with his team and trains your dog. Lots of continuity and he can make suggestions about how to make the transition easier based on his knowledge. Thanks Ed very much."
- Caren Tobin (Mt. Lebanon, PA)

"Ed gave us a quick estimate over the phone and was incredibly easy to get a hold of and always returned calls promptly. He installed the underground wire on approximately .6 acres, and he installed the receiver in our garage. After that was all prepared, he gave us a training session on how to use the equipment, and he gave Frankie (our Boston Terrier) his first training session. As all the others have stated, it simply couldn't have gone better. Ed is about as perfect a contractor as they come. He was professional, a perfectionist, and he truly cares about your dog's well-being. I wish I could find more Ed's for all my home repair or construction needs!"
- Michele LaCarte (Monongahela, PA)

"I researched pet fencing systems for two years before contracting with Pittsburgh Pet Fence. I knew the problems many dog owners experienced and could see the difference with Pittsburgh Pet Fence. Ed is the owner and operator - unlike the major brand shops, it is his name and reputation his customers depend on. He carries a variety of alarm systems for different breeds and owner needs. Customers directly benefit from Ed's ~20 years high tech computer networking experience. He "hardens" the installation using heavy gauge, thickly insulated cooper wire and weather proofs any spliced wires. Ed is a hard core dog lover, one of the reasons he does this work, and is great working with owners. Another difference to appreciate - after installation, other than marker flags you may not be able to tell where the fence was laid because he's meticulous with cutting into your lawn and with cleaning it up. He taught me how to begin training my dog Joey with the collar, walking the perimeter with him associating the warning tone with the marker flags. I needed a lot of coaching here as Joey was accustomed to going AWOL on whimsy. Ed always spoke with me by phone and answered my emails/messages in the following weeks of training. We did well. Our receiver collar is re-chargeable, I've noticed some neighbors stopped using their systems just because the replacement batteries are too expensive. An added convenience of not having to take the receiver apart to replace the battery. In the end, I saved hundreds of dollars with a Pittsburgh Pet Fence, bought a fence with higher quality materials, installation, and service. We continue to save on not having to purchase batteries. Wish I installed it earlier, would have saved Joey & I all of the AWOL problems. Do your homework and compare other services, but don't waste time. If you're putting hours into this project I'd recommend contacting Pittsburgh Pet Fence. Highly recommended and affordable."
- Geoff Tolge (Fox Chapel, PA)

"We have to admit that we were a little dubious about the cost/benefit of installing an electric fence and unsure of how it would effect my husbands meticulous landscaping, etc. Ed was wonderful to deal with and his installation was very precise. He patiently hand cut the ground through our landscaping so that you honestly couldn't tell where he had been. He was friendly and clearly had both the needs of our dogs and families as well as consideration for our neighbors. We can't say enough about how much we appreciate Ed's knowledge and commitment to make sure that we were satisfied. His prices are far lower than the competition and he stands behind his work. Over all, we would have to say that this fence system has been well worth the investment. 
Our dog is a 15 month old lab mix who is a rescue and had pretty significant separation anxiety to the point of needing medication. Since the fence install and training a month ago, we have noticed a vast improvement in his behavior and think that being able to be independent in the yard versus being tied out has really helped to calm him to the point of being weaned off his medication. We were really impressed! I don't normally write reviews, but our experience with Ed and Pittsburgh Pet Fence was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for and I feel compelled to let others know about how pleased we are!"
- Lynn Schrott (Mt Lebanon, PA)

"We just moved into our house in November and there as an existing underground pet containment fence installed by the previous owner. My wife and I wanted to hook this up for our dog, but the previous owner took the collars and equipment with her when she left. We were astonished on how much the "name brand" fence company wanted us to pay for them to come out and just hook up their equipment to our existing wires. After researching more, I thought about possibly buying used equipment and trying to do the install myselft.... until I found Pittsburgh Pet Fence on Google. As soon I talked to Ed, I was relieved that I wouldn't have to do that. A few days later, Ed came out and installed his equipment, located (and flagged) the existing underground fence,and gave our dog (and us) a training lesson. The equipment that he installed for us has been working great so far. I really like the fact that the collar is rechargeable, which will save us a decent amount of money each year on batteries, in addition to the fact that the cost of his installation was less than HALF of the cost I was quoted by the other company! The equipment also has a replacement warranty and will be either replaced or fixed by the manufacturer if there are any problems in the future. Ed is very knowledgeable of the equipment, easy to deal with and is great with dogs. Since the installation he has even called a few times to see how the training is going. We will definitely call Ed if we ever have any problems or additional needs!"
- Scott Fazzone (McMurray, PA)

"We had a couple other estimates for in ground dog fences and a few were SO astronomical it left our heads spinning. We called Ed and he gave us an estimate over the phone and was able to come out and take a look at our property (and then even install the fence too) before the other companies could even get us on their schedule. Ed was polite, professional and not at all the pushy 'up sell' type. We have had fences at our other homes so we knew exactly what we wanted, and thats exactly what we got. They were efficient, organized and very detail oriented. If we ever leave this home, I would call him again in the blink of the eye!!!  Major points - the rechargeable collars with this system are very convenient, the machine they used to install the cable left VERY minimal scars on the ground and after a few weeks it was practically not even visible, Ed is polite, straight forward and trust worthy, price compared to competitors was better by a hundreds (and better than the 'big name' competitor by over $1100!!!). Fore!"
- Sean and Chrisa G. (Ross Twp, PA)

"THANK YOU!!!! I just wanted to say how thankful we are! In January 2011 you placed an invisible fence in our yard. This invisible fence is the reason we were able to keep our dog. Claire, a 2 year old blue tick coon hound, is very energetic and needs to be able to burn off her nervous energy. After I had my son I was unable to walk her daily and she started to become wild and unbearable. She also started becoming jealous of the baby. She hated being outside on a lead and would bark nonstop. After the fence was placed and 2 weeks of training, she is the PERFECT dog! She spends most of the day lounging outside and doesn't want to come indoors! She loves chasing bunnies and never goes through the fence! And she is calm and relaxed around our son, who is now 1 and chasing her around, as well as company. Thanks again so much!! This fence truly is a life saver!"
- Sarah Dietz (Ross Township, PA)

"Lucy is doing great! Our experience with Ed and Pittsburgh Dog Fence was positive all the way around. The installation was smooth and was completed quickly. I had thought I was going to lose my mind trying to house train our dog on a leash 50 times a day. Within one week, Lucy was off her leash with supervision in our yard! Within two weeks, we could just open the door and let her out. Freedom for all! We had one bump in the road when Lucy was fearful of a side of our house after being corrected. Ed stopped by the next day and taught me how to retrain her and comfort her to realize where she was safe. If you are considering this type of fence, I would highly recommend Ed and Pittsburgh Dog Fence. 5 stars from our family! Thanks Ed!" 
- Katie S. (Mt Lebanon, PA)

"I wanted to take the time to share with you what an absolutely, amazing difference my life has been since you installed my electric dog fencing system for my pups! As you know I have two large, male Akita pups...As excited as I was when I first got them, after just a few short months of having them I was distraught with the thoughts of having to find safer, better homes for them. I was having an extremely difficult time trying to contain them in my yard and train them inside and outside of the house. I went to several fencing companies to find just the right fence to contain them as well as keep my property from the "prison type" appearance with the height of the fence I would have needed to contain the pups. To no avail, I thought I was going to have to give them up until I called you!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! Before the invisible fence I started to have feelings of regret for having purchased the pups in the first place. I was sad yet exhausted. It seemed to be one fail after another with the training and the containment. After you installed the fence I LOVE MY PUPS!!!! The training was easy and I am elated that I can not only enjoy my pups, but feel confident that they are safe & disciplined! They truly are an absolute joy...not easy to say about two 115 pound, 10 month old pups!!! I cannot thank you enough!"
- Roberta E. (Brentwood, PA)

"Message from Rocco: Dear Ed, Didn't realize what was really going down on April 10th, when my Daddy introduced me to you. I was confused when you unloaded all of your equipment and started working around my yard, but my Daddy assured me everything was o.k. From where I stood, it looked like you were very organized, professional, and thorough. But you still found time to play with me and be my friend, even though I am a Pit Bull. I hope we can play again soon! I had no clue what you were doing and wondered about all of the white flags that you were putting in my yard. What could these mean to me? In a few short hours (almost a day in dog time) I soon found out. You took the time to train my Dad, who then trained me. I now understand that this fence is my friend and is for my own protection. My Mommy and Daddy do not have to worry about me running away or getting hit by a car. I did try to run across the street, and did try to go over to my neighbor's house, but I have since learned to stay behind those white flags! My Mommy and Daddy seem very happy now and play with me much more often. I can run all over the property without being on a leash or sit on the porch and watch Daddy cut the grass. I even go to the bathroom by myself! I like the option and the privacy. This new freedom sure beats being in the kennels at the animal shelter where I first met my Mommy and Daddy. They were nice enough to adopt me and really care enough about me to have this fence to protect me. Thank you very much. Rocco"
- Marion and Mark Kusajtys (Hookstown, PA)

"I learned of Ed and his dog containment system through a dog trainer in Indiana, PA. I was thrilled to learn there was an independent company, albeit far away, that installed pet fencing so I called Ed immediately. My first phone conversation with him said it all to me. He really understood his product, loved dogs and wanted me to feel comfortable about using him and his system. On the day of installation everything went off without a hitch. Thanks to Ed’s training, my dogs learned the system quickly and I immediately understood why his product is far better than my former home’s ‘Invisible Fence’. When he left my home I knew I had worked with the right person and bought the right product. Not to mention my dogs had their freedom. The story doesn’t end there. Within a week of installation my landscaper cut the line. I was upset and called Ed with the news. As always, Ed was gracious and advised sending a splice kit so my landscaper could repair it - a great idea but for my landscaper’s upcoming vacation. A few days later, Ed called to say he could be here the next day. That is when I knew Ed wasn’t just any installer: He genuinely cared about my dogs and didn’t want them to be without their fence. I recommend Ed and his pet fence system to everyone who wants a reasonably priced, state-of-the-art dog fence that does the thinking for you and takes excellent care of your best friend(s). No more batteries or worrying about electrical outages. Plus, you will meet Ed, a very caring person who understands you and your pets well before he meets you. Thank you, Ed, for taking good care of me, Knight and Violet."
- Deb Barman (Johnstown, PA)

"I chose Pittsburgh Pet Fence because of the reviews on Angie's List. He more than lived up to expectations. He is very knowledgeable and professional and does / supervises the work done himself. I was concerned that my Cairn Terrier's prey drive would be too much for the system (my wife more so)! So we were skeptical about invisible fences in general. His 100% containment rate and the "run-through-prevention" feature (two escalating levels of correction) put us somewhat at ease. He wants to protect his 100% containment record (it includes dogs like huskies and other high energy, high prey drive dogs) so he is very focused on making sure the system works for your dog. After the install which was very neat and professionally done (he puts the wire 4' deep), he took me through the training with my dog, which you continue twice a day for ~10-15 minutes for two weeks. After she self corrected a couple of times on the first training session she hasn't gone past the flags since. After the initial corrections she was reluctant to go outside, but she pretty quickly got over that and will now go close to the flags but never through them. It's great to be able to have her roam around and play ball in our large yard without worrying about her leaving the property. One of the big pluses of his system is that you get a rechargeable collar, so you don't have to buy a new battery every year @ ~$60 a go, like you do from the other guys. That's just a scam, to keep annual revenues on existing installs. The fact that he didn't do this was another reason I chose to give him my business. Great service, great product competitively priced. Would highly recommend."
- Mike Walker (McCandless, PA)

"Thank you for the awesome new invisible fence that you installed for our dog, Lily (Rhodesian Ridgeback). We were initially concerned about the safety of an electric dog fence given our breeds' strong prey drive, but after you explained the patented run-through prevention feature of your system and we saw our dog's quick response to the training, we were greatly relieved. The service was outstanding. Ed, the owner, did the entire install himself. He always returned our calls quickly and has kept in touch after the installation to ensure that our dog was doing well with the training. His work was very neat and detailed - in the yard, through the driveway, and in the basement. The price was significantly less than I expected to pay given the size of our yard. And, it was obvious that Ed cares, not only about the job that he does, but also about the dogs that he protects and the families that he serves. Thanks so much for everything!! We couldn't be happier with the fence."
- Lori & Eric Stark (Bethel Park, PA)

"He came when he was supposed to come and he was professional. The product is what attracted me to them. They have a really nice color, and you do not need a Battery, you can just recharge it which will save us lots of money. This guy actually went out of his way, he had to bore a hole through some bricks and he did a beautiful job with all that. The cable company had previously done some work, and had left many wires dangling, and I had two places where I had bolts stuck in the brick from some phone cable or something, and he asked me if I would want him to clean that up. He took out the old bolt and cleaned out cable company work. I really appreciated that. I would recommend him in a heartbeat, in fact my neighbor is going to use him."
- Stacy Feczko (Wexford, PA)

"I highly recommend Ed and Pittsburgh Pet Fence. From the initial estimate to the finished product, Ed was great to work with and I'm extremely pleased with the work done. Ed took at least an hour to explain the system to me and work with me and my dog on training. Ed is top notch with his work and it shows. There is no reason to call anyone but Pittsburgh Pet Fence!!"
- Amy Mesko (Aliquippa, PA)

"For all of you out there looking for a invisible dog fence system , look no more. Ed was super to deal with from first discussion through training. He did a great job on the install and cut no corners. I don't think Ed has it in his nature to cut corners. Ed helped me through the training process and was my coach behind the scene. If you want to deal with a salesman and pay more for install and batteries along with a lower quality install call someone else. I told Ed to let me know when he is going public as this could be the next Microsoft or Apple. Ed and PPF for the WIN!! Bill and his two best buddies, Joey and Bentley, are all enjoying their new freedom to romp, play and chill."
- Bill Cehelsky (Bethel Park, PA)

"Thanks for calling on Sunday. Little Brodie is doing very well with his training. He was corrected just a few times and he is now very respectful of the flags. We are at the point where he is not on a lead in the back yard with supervision. We even allow him a short time out without supervision. In a week or so we will remove half of the flags, and see how he responds. So far, so good. I had my doubts at the beginning, but he learned much faster than I expected. The hardest part of the process was actually allowing him to pass through the flags and receive the correction. But we listened to your instructions and all is well. Brodie wanted me to ask when his photo will be added to your 'Wall of Paws'? He wants to post it on his Facebook. (HA) Seriously, Kathy and I (and Brodie too) would like to thank you for a very professional job in installing and of course following up with the underground dog fence system. Well done!"
- Kate M. Loritz (West Mifflin, PA)

"We are very pleased with Pittsburgh Pet Fence. Amazing to see the different quality of wiring out there compared to the premium wire used by Pgh Pet Fence. Installation was prompt--they even sealed up some old wiring entrances to our home. Training was awesome and a return visit to check progress helped much. Our Golden Retriever resisted putting on the collar at first, after a few early skirmishes with the fence. But one week later, she loves putting on the collar--it's her freedom (and ours too). Before you spend a boatload more with Invisible Fence, check out Pittsburgh Pet Fence. We don't want our phone number on the web site, but would be happy to share our experience if you arrange through the company to reach us. Happy in West Allegheny School District area."
- Bruce and Kathy D (Imperial, PA)

"I recently had Pittsburgh Pet Fence install my Invisible Dog fence in my yard and I could not be any more pleased. First of all, I only dealt with one person and that was Ed. This in itself was a huge plus as it saved me a lot of time and hassle of not having to deal with numerous people (Sales Rep, Installer, Trainer, Serviceman, etc) who don't take the time to know you, your yard or your dog. Ed came out to my property the day after I called them. He took the time to walk around my yard, explain the process, meet my new puppy and he just really seemed to care. Other companies that I had called gave me a price over the phone without even stepping foot on my property and did not seem to care. The fence was installed on the exact day that Ed had committed to and the install was extremely clean. I (and my neighbors) had no idea a wire had even been buried. I had done some price shopping and found Ed's price WAY under the competition and his product and warranty were even better. I also found the competition had a lot of built in "extras" that I later found out were not needed. So I ended up getting a better product at much less the cost. I would highly recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence for any install and in fact have already passed their name around to a few friends. Thank you Ed for an extremely professional, timely, cost effective and super clean install!! A job well done!! p.s - my puppy learned her "safe" space after only 3 days! We both couldn't be happier!"
- Ron Gevaudan (Mt Lebanon, PA)

"We have a 3 year old Labrador Retriever named Allie and last summer we decided to research a few dog fence companies to help contain her in our yard. Keep in mind that we live on a very busy street in Bethel Park, PA. After much deliberation, we decided to go with Pittsburgh Pet Fence as our installer. Initially, Allie was afraid and would not roam to far from the porch. We were afraid the pet fence wasn't going to work for us. After consulting with the owner of the company, he assured us that everything would work out and he agreed to come out for another training session at no charge. After teaching us a few techniques, Allie was roaming free in our yard within 3 days and now she has no fear of the system whatsoever. Now, Allie totally enjoys running around the yard but she won’t cross her boundary line even when there are several deer nearby! We're so happy with the dog fence that we decided to get a playmate for Allie named Carly and recently had Ed come out to start her training as well. We highly recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence to anyone considering fencing options for their pets."
- Officer Gary Orosz (Peters Twp Police Department)

"We had initially purchased an Invisible Fence Brand system for our one dog. We were not real happy with the customer service they provided and their costs for an additional collar when we obtained a new dog were astronomical. We stumbled upon Pittsburgh Pet Fence and liked the idea of working with an independent dog fence installer. We couldn’t be any happier with our new electric fence. We like the simplicity of controlling both our dogs with the same system and the ease of recharging the neck collars instead of continuously spending time and money on battery replacements. Most important, we appreciate the time and responsiveness by Ed to all our calls and questions we had post the initial installation. The few lessons we also had Ed conduct with our dogs really paid off as our animals quickly came to respect their boundaries both inside and outside the house. We would be happy to serve as a reference at any time. Thank you!"
- Steve and Cheryl S. (Sewickley, PA)

"Pittsburgh Pet Fence helped keep my two bulldogs, Maya and Rhonda, out of the Penalty Box!"
- Aaron Ashum (Formerly of the Pittsburgh Penguins) (Nevillewood, PA)

"On my daily walk with my Shorkie named Trevor, I saw a neighbor that had just installed an invisible fence. Her little dog George had been out several times when we walked by, and begged us to stop to play with him. We had to go into the yard as he never crossed his invisible boundary. I was impressed! Since I was familiar with the “Invisible Fence” product, I asked if they had installed her fence. She said “no”, and gave me the information for the “Pittsburgh Pet Fence”. I called the owner Ed Fogarty and made arrangements to have our fence installed in April. They did a great job, if it wasn’t for the flags, I wouldn’t even know a fence had been installed. Ed and his helper are so professional and friendly. Ed answered all the questions I had to start my training of Trevor. We had a fun time together learning. It has now been a month since I had the fence installed. I am so pleased, my little dog who would run out the door any chance he had, now stays in the yard. The other day, there were two dogs across the street, he was very interested in them, but stayed in the boundary and just barked. I think he wanted them to come into his yard and play with him. We live on a very busy street and it is such a relief to know he will not just dart across it. I would definitely recommend Ed and the “Pittsburgh Pet Fence” to anyone considering making a safer place for their dogs to run free. Thanks to my neighbor, her dog George and Ed for making that possible for Trevor and me."
- Darla Dalena (Delmont, PA)

"We contacted Pittsburgh Pet Fence and got in touch with Ed right away. He was able to give us all the necessary details and quote us a price with the initial phone call. He was also good at working around our schedules (and the weather) and did the work at a convenient time. The installation was very professionally done. You can't see where the yard was dug nor the concrete crossed to install the lines. The install of the unit in the garage was nicely done as well. The yard area was marked with small flags for training purposes. Ed did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the training process with us and our dog. His product and install are more affordable than other similar systems. It's a one time purchase of the training collar where as with other companies you have to purchase a battery plan on an annual basis. The unit has a battery backup for added security and the collar device is waterproof, rechargeable and pretty indestructible. Other systems did not have these advantages. We contacted Ed after talking to our neighbors who had him install their fence about a year ago and they recommended his services. We would do the same. In summary, Pittsburgh Pet Fence provided us with a good quality product and a clean and professional install at a fair price."
- Nancy Volk (Imperial, PA)

"The owner, Ed, is extremely passionate about doing his job right. We have a very difficult yard to install an invisible fence in. That being said, Ed never complained or cut corners. He listened to us on where we wanted the fence boundaries, even though they were not on the most convenient terrain. The bill was exactly what he had quoted us, no hidden costs. And when we had questions after the install, he was readily available and did not "disappear" after the job was done. He is a professional who is local and does not hide behind a national company's name. It's refreshing to hire someone who does the job right (and meticulously) and who truly enjoys his job."
- Kristen Sommer (Robinson Twp, PA)

"I can recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence to anyone looking for a way to keep their pet in their yard. We recently moved to a house on a busy road in Bethel Park with a nice yard and were excited to have a place for our 2 dogs to play. We looked into putting a physical fence in but it very costly and we still had the fear of our Jack Russell “Molly” digging under it to escape. At first I was concerned that she would just run through the fence and take off at the first rabbit or deer she saw. We have now had the fence for over a year and I can say we have never had a problem with her running off. She knows the boundaries of the yard and sticks to them no matter what is outside to entice her. The install went great; Ed took the time to discuss different layouts with us and then got to work installing the system. The impact on our lawn was non-existent. The entry into the house is neat and clean as well. The training he gave us was easy to do and was perfect for our busy schedules. He called us at least twice to check to see how the dogs were do and gave us pointers when we had training concerns. Thanks Pittsburgh Pet Fence for giving Molly and Rebel all the freedom they need while keeping them safe in our yard."
- S. Palumbo (Bethel Park, PA)

"Thank you for the estimate, and providing all of the details on the in-ground containment system. I felt you were the most knowledgeable of all the companies I had contacted regarding the system. I also feel that you take pride in your work and care about your customers. This is the reason I chose Pittsburgh Pet Fence. I look forward to meeting you, and completing the installation on Friday, October 26th. I have no doubt in my mind that I will receive a professional and quality installation. Attached is the signed contract. I will be paying the $200 deposit through PayPal."
- Joshua D. Schneider (Pleasant Hills, PA)

"Pittsburgh Pet Fence was responsive, straightforward and provided exceptional customer service from start to finish. All of our questions were answered and we gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about invisible fencing options, which made our decision easier to make. Our project was scheduled and installed quickly, and our dog now has full use of the yard while we have peace of mind that she will not run out into the street. We looked at other installers but it was clear after one conversation that Pittsburgh Pet Fence was the right choice. If you are considering an invisible fence for your pet then you must talk with Pittsburgh Pet Fence first."
- Matt Groom (Edgeworth/Sewickley, PA)

"It was nice to deal with one person from beginning to end, who was knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and honest. Pittsburgh Pet Fence does the job the right way. Ed takes his time to make sure everything is correctly installed and makes sure that you understand the system and how to use it. We followed Ed's instructions and now our puppies play safely all day in the yard. We are very happy with our choice to go with Pittsburgh Pet Fence and the personal touch that comes with it."
- Randy and Sandy (Green Tree, PA)

"Ed Fogarty is very responsive and professional. We met the day after I called him and the fence was installed within a week. I have three dogs and Ed has also been quite helpful with their training and following up to see how we are doing. His price was very fair and far less than the major competitor. It's been 8 days and all three dogs have really gotten the hang of it. Unlike the major competitor, Ed provides rechargeable batteries which will provide us (with 3 dogs) considerable savings in the future. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence!"
- Kathleen Mullen (Mt Lebanon, PA)

"The electronic pet fence you installed last fall has been a tremendous help with our pups. It has securely contained Gigi and Ginger to our friendly confines. They know exactly where their boundaries are and never even think about crossing them. Not only was your system very effective, but the money we saved going this route as opposed to traditional fencing has been a great help. I would recommend your fencing system to anyone who asks, and would gladly endorse your product to anyone on the fence (NO PUN INTENDED). I also greatly appreciated the neat work, and you upgrading my electrical outlet in the basement to a 3 prong grounded outlet!! Kudos Ed"
- Jason and Kristin Butkus (Heidelberg, PA)

"I contacted Ed based on good reviews and was completely happy with my choice. Our house is a challenge because we are on a hill and have lines running low voltage light everywhere on the property. He called my landscaper to make sure he didn't cut any freshly laid electrical lines; he actually had him walk the property to chalk paint any lines (we spent a lot on lighting so I was impressed with his carefully covering all bases). Our dog, Belle, is an extremely timid dog so I had my fears on herlearning the system. Ed took the time to teach me the system and work with my dog (she trusted him which is quite amazing for Belle). Over the next two weeks, I had issues and he worked with me on solutions. Ed made sure I was 100% satisfied. Belle is now happy with her freedom, and we are pleased we made the choice to go with Pittsburgh Pet Fence."
- Patty Porritt (Wexford, PA)

"I had been considering a dog containment system for our two dogs for some time and called another well-known company to give me a quote. I had to wait two weeks to get an appointment. The very next day I saw an ad for Pittsburgh Pet Fence. I called Ed and he came over the same day to explain the best way to install the fence and quote me a price. I was impressed with Ed in that I didn't have to wait weeks to get a quote and that he is a local company that you can tell prides itself on excellent service. Also the dog collars are rechargeable so there is no additional cost of buying batteries. I made my decision immediately when the price quoted was more reasonable than I expected. He installed my fence in about 5 hours. Everything was neatly done and they cleaned up after the install. After explaining the wires and box installed in my laundry room and how to charge the dog collars, he then showed me how to work with my dogs. The dogs received corrections from the system the first and second days and so far haven't gone near the flags again. I am continuing to work with them according to the training schedule that Ed provided. Hopefully both dogs will be running free very soon. In summary, I am very happy that I found Pittsburgh Pet Fence for this installation. Ed provides superior customer service. I know that if I have any problems or concerns that I can count on him for support."
- Terri Pawol (Cedarhurst, PA)

"So you're teetering about whether to invest in an invisible fence. You're wondering if it's worth it. Will it work? Should I spend the money? Yes, Yes, and Yes. We have 2 Norfolk Terriers; they are tripped and challenged by any living creature that flies, hops, or creeps by. But after a couple of lessons well learned, they remain safely contained. We can work, relax, or entertain in the yard and not be concerned about them getting tangled on a chain or running away. And it's certainly fun to watch them enjoy the freedom to explore within safe limits. I saved up my little pay checks over a period of time to invest in this product, and I'm totally satisfied. Neatly done and completed in the time promised."
- Mimi Havranek (New Castle, PA)

"I called Ed to ask if he could repair another company's fence and he said yes and came over the same day. I found Ed to be very friendly and helpful. He came prepared to fix the break, which he did at a very reasonable price. I asked about revising the fence boundary, since it was originally installed too close to the road. Ed said he could do that, no problem and the price was fair enough that I gave him the go-ahead and even switched my transmitter and collar from the big national company to his company. My daughter's favorite color is pink and she really wanted a pink collar for her maltipoo. Ed said he could special-order one, and brought it out promptly. That really told me something about his customer service. I would highly recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence in a minute."
- Sandra Cheplic (Baldwin/Whitehall,PA)

"We contacted Ed and scheduled an appointment for Monday, Nov 5, 2012. He arrived exactly at 9am, which is the time we agreed upon. We then walked the perimeter of my yard, discussing the system, my dog and how to best implement/install the system. He suggested wiring the control panel in my laundry room, which I believe was the best course of action. Ed had several opportunities to cut corners, or take the "easy road" around trees, hedges and fencing; but was adamant about doing the job the right way, and never gave the impression he needed to be anywhere else but on my job! After completing the installation, Ed trained my dog and taught my wife and I how to continue the training in the coming week. So far our dog has responded well. I think he will be running the yard independently very soon. In summary, Ed was very professional, knew his craft and performed the installation at an affordable price.....I would use him again!!!"
- Patricia Wolfe (Venetia, PA)

"Ed, I just wanted to let you know how great Niko is doing with the pet containment system your company installed for us. Because of his rambunctious nature and the fact that he is a beagle with a very keen sense of smell I had very serious concerns the system would work for us. You assured me that you thought otherwise, I am a doubting Thomas no more he is doing fantastic. I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and will be sure to recommend your company to family and friends should they require a pet containment system."
- Mary Pat Tozzie - (Upper St. Clair, Pa)

"If you are looking for an invisible fence provider look no further! Ed is the real deal. He is so knowledgeable, friendly and his customer service is outstanding! I contacted him to inquire about installing a pet fence in my new home for my 2 dogs. He came out and took a good look at what I wanted, noting that the perimeter that I required was a bit complicated but he forged ahead with no worries at all. The installation was quick and easy with Ed working hard without breaks! Ed came back out one evening to train myself and the dogs. His follow-up and communication have been fantastic."
- Aimee Hernandez (Peters Twp, PA)

"I want to thank Ed of Pittsburgh Pet Fence, for the great job he did, installing my invisible fence. The friendly service, and his integrity, not to mention his honesty, told me that I made a very good choice of server for my fence. He spent the better part of a day installing the invisible fence, and spent time to initiate the training period with my dog. I would highly recommend Ed and Pittsburgh Pet Fence, to any one interested in protecting their animals from straying away from the property. It really works."
- Jack Sabina (Pittsburgh, PA)

"We found Pittsburgh Pet Fence from their awesome website! We emailed and got a quick response! From the moment we met Ed, we knew he was thorough and professional. He truly cares about his customers and their owners! And his prices were very fair! Before our fence was installed, we were worried about our dogs getting hurt on their runs away from home. But our dog fence has given us peace of mind! Bebe, Romeo and Nelly are adapting great! The installation of the dog fence through grass and asphalt was clean and meticulous! Ed's follow up emails about training and collar questions were quickly answered. It is an experience that we would do over the same exact way! We highly recommend using Pittsburgh Pet Fence! Enjoy the security in knowing your pets are safe!"
- Tom and Brenda Brucker (Butler, PA)

"Dear Pittsburgh Pet Fence, Thank you for the wonderful electric dog fence you installed for us a few months ago. We are very satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship you put into our system. Our dog, Fleury, loves it! He is a two-year-old Cairn Terrier and has a ton of energy. Regarding price, Pittsburgh Pet Fence was the lowest price by far! We called a few other dog fence companies such as Invisible Fence. They tried getting us to agree to a "special one-day-only deal" that we had to commit to on that day or else, and that was based on a stripped down model and did not include a lifetime warranty or training. Then, we called Pittsburgh Pet fence and received a "no-nonsense" quote, that came with a lifetime warranty on just about everything and included training sessions for a much lower price. Also, the other company misled us by telling us that no other company used their type of technology. After doing some research, we discovered that Pittsburgh Pet Fence uses the exact same type of digital technology. The Installation went fantastic. We could not even tell where the fence was buried. It really was "invisible". They installed the wire through a concrete sidewalk, asphalt driveway, through flower gardens, and next to many trees. The wire is all hidden. Even the transmitter and the wires were neatly installed in a hidden area inside our house. Training was so easy. At the beginning of Day one our dog was clueless. He loved the treats and that’s all he cared about. However, by Day two, he started to figure out what was going on and by Day 3, he was fantastic. After getting corrected, he learned his lesson and respected his boundary. Thanks again for a really great experience!"
- Marion & Cody Dapper (Bethel Park, PA)

"One of the best things we did last year was call Ed from Pittsburgh Pet Fence to install our system for us. He is great to work with and really knows what he is doing. We have 2 dogs, a corgi and a pug and wish we had done this years ago as I have health problems that causes me to end up in the hospital several times a year. It had always been a concern that if I had surgery, how would I be able to take the dogs out. Now we don’t have to worry about that any more. Thanks Ed for giving us the peace of mind of knowing that our dogs can now go out in the yard and play and just be dogs, without getting into trouble on the road we live next to."
- Kyle & Bonnie McGary (Bentleyville, PA)

"Hello Ed, Just wanted to let you know that Maggie and Mia are doing great with their new electric dog fence, thank you so much, we should have done this a long time ago, they are enjoying their freedom but we are enjoying ours more!! Maggie & Mia want to know when they will get their claim to fame and be on your wall of paws??? LOL Thanks Again!"
- Pauline & Bob Williams (Allison Park, PA)

"I can recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence to anyone looking for a way to keep their pet in their yard. We recently moved to a house on a busy road in Bethel Park with a nice yard and were excited to have a place for our 2 dogs to play. We looked into putting a fence in but it very costly and we still had the fear of our Jack Russell “Molly” digging under it to escape. At first I was concerned that she would just run through the fence and take off at the first rabbit or deer she saw. We have now had the fence for over a year and I can say we have never had a problem with her running off. She knows the boundaries of the yard and sticks to them no matter what is outside to entice her. The install went great; Ed took the time to discuss different layouts with us and then got to work installing the system. The impact on our lawn was non-existent. The entry into the house is neat and clean as well. The training he gave us was easy to do and was perfect for our busy schedules. He called us at least twice to check to see how the dogs were do and gave us pointers when we had training concerns. Thanks Pittsburgh Pet Fence for giving Molly and Rebel all the freedom they need while keeping them safe in our yard."
- S. Palumbo (Bethel Park, PA)​

"Ed installed a buried electronic fence to keep our wandering basset hound in our yard and off a leash. Ed helped us train our basset and gave helpful hints. Ed was prompt, patient and installed the pet fence with little trace he was there. I called him a year later with a question and he promptly returned my call."
- Ashley Douds (Wexford, PA)

"Hi Ed, Thanks for thinking of us and I just want to say I LOVE MY ELECTRIC FENCE. I can open the door and let them run around and I don't have to be outside with them. It has been so cold. It was the best investment I have EVER made. Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas. (I know I already have the best gift.... my electric fence) Thanks!"
- Judy L. Pacella (Bethel Park, PA)

"They installed an underground fence for my two dogs and helped with training. It went well. He is an excellent provider who gives prompt service. Ed is very considerate with taking the time to explain his product and how it works."
- Tracy O'Brien (Upper St Clair, PA)

"From start to finish, Pittsburgh Dog Fence Co. was efficient, helpful and reliable, with an affordable alternative to the "big fence companies", offering much more personal customer service. A definite to anyone to wants to employ a local professional!! Thanks again for a job well done!"
- Aimee Martorella (South Fayette / Oakdale, PA)

"We would definitely recommend Pittsburgh Pet Fence. We have a 1 year old chocolate lab named Miley who is full of energy and never sits still......... Only one week after the installation of our electric fence, she was playing in the yard without a leash. Ed did a wonderful job and is great to work with. Take it from us, if Miley can be trained, any dog can be trained."
- Laura and Eric Poynar (Hopewell Township, PA)

"Wish we would have done this sooner" is what we keep telling ourselves. What an awesome experience we had with Ed....... I highly recommend Ed to anyone needing invisible fencing in Pittsburgh. He was great with training and interacting with the dogs. His number one concern was to take care and make sure our dogs were safe. Thank you!!"
- Mike and Candy Irwin (Sturgeon, PA)

"Installing the invisible fence by Pittsburgh Pet Fence has given our dog the ability to run freely around our yard and to play with our kids without any fear that he will get hurt by going near busy roads. It has been one of the best investments I have made since adopting our dog and would recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their dog within the safe boundaries of their yard."
- Rodger Winger (Scott Twp, PA)
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​"Sonny is doing great today! I let him run around all day with the leash and he had so much fun! He didn't try to escape and there were multiple distractions: people walking by with their dogs, a dog visiting the neighbor with the 2 Vizsla's, a deer down in the backyard that ran into the woods, and the other neighbors working in their yard with the mulch. Thanks for stopping by and helping me with Sonny!"
- Josie McGuirk (Whitehall, PA)

"I just wanted to let you know that the dogs are doing great! Delilah has not once challenged the boundaries, and we have had lots of distractions. She has chased bunnies up to the boundary and stopped. Jack is also doing very well........ I am very pleased with the underground dog fence and how the dogs are reacting with it. It is so nice to be able to have them out with me while I am working in the yard and not have to worry about them running away.......thank you."
- Tracy Baronti (Bethel Park, PA)
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"I just would like to say THANK YOU!!! for the wonderful experience that I have had from Ed the owner. From the time that I had called his cellphone to the day of the installation was wonderful...... Ed is a trustworthy, hard working individual owner of his company. I would recommend him to anyone that I know whom needs a invisible fence....... I have already recommended a friend to Pittsburgh Pet Fence and will continue to recommend them to anyone in regards to this wonderful fence!! I had a price from the other invisible fence company and his price was much less and well worth it!! Thanks Ed!!!"
- Tris, Bill and Hunter and Mollie (Jeannette, PA)
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"We are very pleased with our new invisible fence. Jake seems to have picked up the idea that he's not suppose to cross the flags that represent his boundary. We leave him loose on his own without a leash and he just hangs round the yard in the back. Old Jake is about 10 years old. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!" 
- Bill and Thelma Luxner (Scott Township, PA)

"Working with Pittsburgh Pet Fence was an incredible experience in so many ways. They showed so much flexibility, care and thoughtfulness in the installation of our hidden dog fence - all at a great price! I would highly recommend them to anyone."
- Coach Todd Graham from the Pitt Panther Football Team (Nevillewood / Collier Twp, PA)
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