Good Morning Ed,

I just wanted to let you know that the dogs are doing great!  Delilah has not once challenged the boundaries, and we have had lots of distractions.  She has chased bunnies up to the boundary and stopped. I think she is really liking the boundaries that have been set for her.  She is doing very well.  Jack, well, he can be a challenge at times, and has been like that since he was a pup. Jack is also doing very well, but he has tried on a few occasions to go past the boundary.  He has only tried this in the back yard, when he sees a bunny or squirrel. He has not challended the boundary in the past few weeks so I think he has been trained.  I have removed the majority of the flags at this point, so he slowly goes up to the boundary and tries to walk past....then when he hears the beep, he comes back into the yard.  Neither dog has tried to chase anyone who is walking their dogs on the street.  They both go up to the boundary on the driveway, but do not go past it.

I am very pleased with the fence and how the dogs are reacting with it.  It is so nice to be able to have them out with me while I am working in the yard and not have to worry about them running away.......thank you.

Have a great summer...and try to stay cool!  Again, thanks for everything!


 Tracy Baronti
Bethel Park, PA

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