Winger Testimonial
We have a male English springer spaniel named Colt who is less then one year old and he is a very energetic dog.  Ever since we adopted him, we have had to keep him tied up when we let him out since we live within a block of a very busy road.  Our yard is adjacent to a small patch of woods and a field that have lots of deer, and other wildlife that are always passing through our yard.  The wildlife makes him very excited and the few times that he has gotten loose, he runs with abandon and has come close to this busy road.  My yard has a very hilly terrain and we are not allowed to put up fences between the homes in our neighborhood, so we decided that a hidden dog fence was the best option to allow the dog to have his freedom to run, but keep him safe from the nearby traffic.

We had initially called one of the big well known companies in the industry to come out for a quote.  They were quite busy and it took them about two weeks to come out to our property.  Their quote was way too expensive for us to afford and they kept adding extra charges for every little thing.  They also didn’t seem to listen or care about our needs.  We then heard about Pittsburgh Pet Fence from a friend of ours.  Ed came to the house on quick notice and showed up at the time that he said he would.  He was a good listener and seemed very sincere. We had a good feeling about him and his company and his price was going to save us a lot of money so we decided to go with them.

We had the fence installed while we were on vacation, and Pittsburgh Pet Fence did a thorough and clean install.  There was very little evidence other then the flags used as visual markers for the dog, that the wire was buried in the perimeter of our yard. After a couple of weeks after the installation, the spring grass has  grown over most of the small trench where the wire was buried.  The terrain of my yard has a long and very steep hill with clay and rock soil which posed a tough challenge but they were able to safely and securely bury the wire in this hillside with no complications. 

My wife and many of my neighbors, knowing how energetic our young dog is, were very skeptical that the system could contain him.  I at times also had thoughts that he would run through the invisible fence to chase after the wild animals based on his crazy behavior when he saw these animals from inside our house and his attempt to get to them through the windows.  My kids were very excited to get him trained because they had not been able to run freely with him since we got him.

We followed the training instructions as provided by Pittsburgh Pet Fence and for the first couple of days I simply walked him around the perimeter of the yard letting him experience the first level of the collar that he wears which are simply a beeping noise and a vibration.  After a couple of days it was time to turn the collar up to the level that would give him the electrical stimulation if he stayed in the warning zone for to long.  He did attempt to go through the warning zone and I was not able to pull him back in time and he experienced his first correction.  He was very unsure of what happened and attempted to go back into the house.  I continued taking him around the yard so he could experience the parameters of his boundaries in a safe manner.  After only a day or so of this level of training, I allowed him to walk around the yard with a leash attached to his collar, and he stayed within the boundaries of the fence.  After a few days we were allowing him to run around the yard with no leash.

Since we installed the invisible fence our dog has only gone through the fence once, but with continuous training he has figured out his boundaries and when he senses the beeping noise of the collar, he knows he needs to back up away from the warning area.  A true test of training and the ability of the dog to learn his boundaries came on April 16th when we had the severe wind storm come through our area.  The electric went out in our home and the dog got out with the electric off.  He never even attempted to cross the invisible fence line even with no chance of getting the electrical stimulation from the collar.  He has seen many deer cross through our yard without any attempt to run after them and break through the barrier.  Installing the invisible fence has given our dog the ability to run freely around our yard and to play with our kids without any fear that he will get hurt by going near busy roads.  It has been one of the best investments I have made since adopting our dog and would recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their dog within the safe boundaries of their yard.

Thank you Pittsburgh Pet Fence for doing a Great job!

Rodger Winger
Pittsburgh, PA

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